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Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre of the Republic of Moldova

Mr.Anatolie Ghilas, General Director ALRC
Mr.Stefan Crigan, Deputy General Director ALRC
Mr.Serghei Curnic, Deputy General Director ALRC
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Mrs.Maria Ovdii, Department Geodesy, Mapping & GIS
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Mr. Vasile Radu, State Inspectorate
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Mrs.Tamara Rudenco, National Geospatial Data Fund:
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Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre (ALRC)
 was founded on June 27th, 1994 under the Decree No.230 of the President of the Republic of Moldova, for the purpose of state policy and strategy development and promotion in the field of land administration and land relations regulation, erosion protection, cadastre and real estate valuation, geodesy, mapping and geoinformatics. The Agency is subordinated to the Government of the Republic of Moldova.
In its activity ALRC is governed by the Republic of Moldova Constitution, Government Act, Acts in the related fields, the Republic of Moldova President Decrees, Government Ordinances and Regulations, as well as international agreements shared by the country and other normative acts and the Agency Regulations.

ALRC takes part in forecasting country's socio-economic development, coordinates actions of central branch authorities and local authorities in the field of development and promotion of national programs and plans. In addition, ALRC promotes economic-organizing reform in its activity domains, harmonizes respective legislative and normative acts with European norms and standards, promotes implementation of innovative technologies in related fields.
The Agency administrates state property of subordinated enterprises with fully or partly state owned authorized capital, bears responsibility for subordinated state enterprises functioning, as well as for the results of their financial and economic activity, founds and wind up state enterprises in its field in compliance with law. Besides, ALRC coordinates education, professional development, training and certification of specialists in the corresponding field.
There are the following four subordinated to ALRC state enterprises:

  •  State Enterprise "CADASTRU";
  •  State Enterprise Institute of Geodesy, Engineering Research and Cadastre "INGEOCAD";
  •  State Enterprise Project Institute for Land Management "IPOT";
  •  Republican State Association for Soil Protection.
There are 1 750 employees engaged in this branch.

Department Geodesy, Mapping & GIS

coordinates topographical, geodetic and mapping activity, ensuring implementation of state policy in the field of geodesy, mapping, photogrammetry, GIS and engineering survey.
Geodesy, Mapping and Geoinformatics Direction examines, coordinates and submits for approval legislative, normative and technical acts, as well as internal time rates for new types of geodetic, mapping and geoinformatics activities.

National Geospatial Data Fund

For the purposes of centralized accounting, keeping and use of topographical, geodetic and mapping documents there has been created National Geospatial Data Fund storing the respective materials for the whole territory of the Republic of Moldova. These materials are of technical, scientific, economic, historical, social and cultural interest. Topographical, geodetic and mapping materials and data are distributed for use to public authorities and private sector on demand, observing the Fund Regulations.

Development of the digital database in the National Geospatial Data Fund -, that includes scanned topographic maps at different scales, geodetic networks, digital maps, orthophoto.

Development and implementation of Web-services in order to provide access to the geospatial data for public authorities, private sector and citizens.
State Inspection for Geodetic Supervision

 exercises control and supervision over execution of topographical, geodetic and mapping work, observing current legislation and technical quality, degree of metrological and standardization cover.

The Department team takes part and renders methodological and technical assistance in establishing, mapping and demarcating state border of the Republic of Moldova, in modifying geographical names and administrative and territorial borders.
WGS 84 geodetic coordinate system which replaced coordinate system of 1942 is approved for the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
Through SE "INGEOCAD" there were carried out the following works.
  • Creation of State Geodetic Networks: National Geodetic Network, National Gravity Network, National Leveling Network;
  • Creation of digital maps of the Republic of Moldova, scale 1:1000 000, 1:200 000; 1:400 000 scale administrative and territorial division maps;
  • Implementation of international projects in the field of geodesy, mapping and geoinformatics.
Development of National Geographic Information System means much for national economy development.

To consolidate country's potential in the corresponding field the Agency annually organizes and takes part in international workshops and conferences on "National Geospatial Data Infrastructure creation at national and international levels", involving international structures, branch authorities and private sector.
Agency international cooperation is highly developed. Starting with 1992, due to common decision of CIS Governments, the Republic of Moldova through ALRC is a member of Intergovernmental Council for Geodesy, Mapping, Cadastre and Remote Sensing.
Being aware of great experience of international organizations in this domain, the Republic of Moldova through ALRC in 2001 became an active member of European Association of National Mapping Land Registry and Cadastre Agencies, alongside with 52 European countries. As a result of this cooperation the Agency had implemented (through SE "INGEOCAD") a range of international projects, such as EuroGlobalMap 1:1000 000, EuroRegionalMap 1:250 000, EuroDem.
The projects were implemented according to ISO International projects and licensed at European level. For details please see

The Agency successfully cooperates with Norwegian Mapping and Cadastre Agency "Statens Kartverk" in the framework of "Moldova Orthophoto" Moldo-Norwegian Project, granted as technical assistance by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway through the Government of Norway.
As a result of this cooperation there were performed the aerial photography of the territory of the Republic of Moldova and created orthophotomaps that serve as up-to-date cartographic base for national economy branches development. The project's third phase is soon completed, it provides for technical support for the effective use of orthophoto, including creation of web-portal, which has to ensure the access of physical persons, public authorities and commercial entities to orthophoto information and digital terrain model.

It is worth to mention the Agency cooperation with International Federation of Surveyors, International Institution for the History of Surveying and Measurement and Geodetic Services of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Byelorussia and Ukraine in the framework of "Struve Geodetic Arc – UNESCO World Heritage" Project, which is one of the most remarkable achievements in the field of terrestrial measurements having truly world importance. About 200 years Struve Geodetic Arc unites countries form Black Sea to Arctic Ocean and will unite in future.
As a consequence of this cooperation in 2005 "RUDY" geodetic station of Struve Arc was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Details you can access at
Recently, in 2008 the Republic of Moldova, through ALRC, became an active member of European Positioning System (
Agency employees actively take part in current activities in the republic, such as workshops and round tables, where they discuss aspects related to branch development strategy, meetings of ALRC board and state techno-economic council.

Each year the agency staff takes part in sporting events organized by the branch trade union.
Day-to-day creative activity of 1 750 employees of the Agency for Land Relations and cadastre and its subordinated enterprises: cadastral engineers, cartographers, surveyors, geologists, programmers, pedologists, appraisers, managers, economists, financiers, lawyers and other specialists makes a valuable contribution to long-term development of national economy and implementation of our country's supreme goal – European integration of the Republic of Moldova.