National geospatial data fund is now available on smartphones

I want to draw attention to some new features available on
The mobile version can be accessed by the same address ( using mobile device's web browser.
You can see a demo video of the mobile version here:
Mobile version has been tested on IOS, Android, BlackBerry (Touch input, 6.0 +), Windows Phone 7 (with "Mango" update), Palm webOS.
Firefox Mobile and Opera Mobile are supported as well, details of what devices are supported can be found here (Grade A).

Another novelty is the availability of analysis tool (Query builder) for registered users, for example you can see here:
The tool allows to make analysis like:
  * Show all roads with width greater than 3m
  * Show all operating hydrants that are within a distance of 25m from the road
After displaying the results they can be downloaded in formats like CSV, KML, SHP.