National geospatial data fund

Global Positioning Satellite System MOLDPOS

In Moldova a Global Positioning Satellite System MOLDPOS (GNSS MOLDPOS) will be created, announced at a press conference Grama Vasile, Director of Land Relations and Cadastre Agency of Moldova.

"For this purpose the country is referred to the creation of special stations 10-12, which will be connected to network and provide necessary data in diurnal non-stop. The project is valued at 1 million. Means to achieve it are given by Norway in the form of grants. The project is set on two years ", - said Grama.

According to him, "This system allows you to avoid mistakes in determining the boundaries of land lots that are owned. It will provide an opportunity to accurately determine the area up to tens of centimeters. It is also expected to be created and a new centralized database of cadastral data.
"Moldpos" will start operating already in 2010.